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Full Certification and Tax Compliance Services


Full Certification and Tax Compliance Services

The main purpose of taxation certification services is to ensure companies’ compliance with taxation and to identify and report possible risks in the tax field.

For this purpose, the books, documents, and records of the institutions as well as the underlying transactions and processes are examined by our certified public accountant specialists as of the provisional tax periods, and our detections and findings are reported to the company management to ensure that the errors are revealed and corrected on time.

Our audit and compliance studies, which include our suggestions and determinations regarding the use of tax advantages, also enable institutions to benefit from the exceptions and exemptions in tax laws.

In addition to experience, full certification and tax compliance services, which require a full command of current financial legislation, are carried out effectively by our company’s expert audit staff.

These studies can be considered as a kind of internal audit work as well as ensuring legal compliance with tax legislation. Because all of the audit techniques and methods, which are constantly updated according to the changes in the procedural and substantive laws, are used within the full certification work.

The aforementioned service is provided for real persons and institutions, and sworn financial consultancy reporting and auditing services are also provided in the following areas.

  • Reports on the determination of the company’s capital paid and the equity capital
  • Reports on the compliance of the capital increase to be made from internal resources with the legislation
  • Reports that determine the assets to be added to the capital
  • R&D and TEYDEP financial reports
  • Special Reports on the determination of the financial situation
  • Free zone activities certification report
  • Organized industrial zones inspection report
  • Reports on capacity and shift determination
  • Split and merger asset compliance report
  • Certification reports on earnings exempt from corporate tax
  • Other certification and assurance services and reports authorized by certified public accountants
  • SCT certification procedures
  • Production certification reports
  • VAT refund certification procedures and report processes
  • Turnover and revenue determination processes and reporting
  • Special purpose reporting on the certification of foreign currency income