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What do we do?


What do we do?

Services of tax, consultancy and audit

We As a Company, our mission is a running financial consultancy in the framework of our general service principles and guidline as well as increasing the added value that we serve to company by presenting professional financial services that customers needed except for main business.

In this way, with our team;We manage to all tax compliance, consultancy and auditing services and internal control, internal audit , GRC (Governance & Risk & Compliance), informatics, JBP (job-shadowing programs), education, workshop, (protection of personal data) and financial and taxational incitement tracking areas for you.


Our experts are overspecialized about tax audit and consultancy under the leadership of our founding partners. In these services, If necessary;

  • R&D, design and innovation incentives ,
  • Customs and foreign trade,external trade
  • Entrepreneurship and start-up financial framework, financial technology,
  • International taxation and especially international investment processes, newly developing BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) and actions, obligations that companies in Turkey must follow
  • With the MLI (Multilateral Legal Instrument), Wwe are working in the field of the changing international taxation framework with the MLI (Multilateral Legal Instrument).

We also carry on a work about financial dimension of Associations, Foundations and Economic Enterprises, crowdfunding, financial issues of innovative economy and solutions, Public Incentives, Internal Audit-Internal Control, proposals for legal and secondary regulations.

To count in titles,

Tax Compliance & Certification

The main aim of full confirmation on tax and compliance services are to be detected of the transactions and financial and tax risks of companies in violation of tax legislation. For this purpose, legal documents and records and also supporting documents of the institutions that  we serve are analyzed by our expert and advisor since temporary tax periods started  and mistakes are detected and corrected by findings are reported on a time.

We offer this service in our offices with inspector teams who expertise in their field led by financial advisor. 

Indirect Taxes & VAT Refund Services

Our Indirect Taxes and especially VAT refund services and reporting services are served by experienced people who are professional in their field.

Analysis about Indirect taxes, SCT, VAT, BITT, stamp duty, fees, funds etc. transactional taxes must be done. Because these types of taxes mostly include in budget In Turkey, this field is         given special attention. Our VAT stuff inted to provide result-oriented services that prioritize customer satisfaction during the preparation of all kinds of consultancy and reports on VAT Return.


Incentive & R&D and Innovation Consultancy Services

Our financial legislation contain many incentives and support elements for the activities of individuals or institutions. Free zones, technoparks, R&D and design centers, innovative projects, grants and funds, international funds can offer perfect opportunity.

The Ministry of Commerce supports many commercial activities that enable our companies to acquire competitiveness in international markets and are divided into stages such as preparation, marketing and branding processes, if  certain conditions are met.

However, the application of these incentives lead to additional difficulty to daily workload. Our company, as the R&D and Innovation department, offer consultancy, sustainability, reporting, follow-up and audit services in the different sectors with its expert comes from the sector.

Due Diligence (Tax Risk Assessment) Services

Our company also serves Due diligence for those who plan to sell or buy the company, business ideas or model with its tax auditor and consultants, in order to determine the current tax and financial risks.

Because the relevant services direclty affect buying/selling price of company lot, we offer services to determine all taxs risks of the relevant institution in terms of quality and quantity.

The experts who work at the State inspection unit or inspection company called as Big4 can make evaluation your companies and you can demand due diligence services.

International Taxation and Transfer Pricing Consultancy Services 

 The international tax world has become much more important after the MLI, BEPS and automatic information exchange mechanisms. We offer services for direct investors who go abroad or come to Turkey, preparing annual transfer pricing reports to be submitted to the Financial Administration, international restructuring, alternative solution proposals, by analyzing the transactions of institutions with related persons/institutions and the methods applied in these transactions.The control and analyze of these transactions is important because the compiance of the transactions of the institutions with the related persons/institutions with the transfer pricing legislation is an area that is specifically examined


We offer a prefect service thanks to international networks that we are a member of and the programs and software that enable us to analyze data and benchmarking and in this area.

Services for Taxation of Real Persons 

Often changes in tax legislation in our country can directly affect the investment decisions and wealth of individuals and the complexity of legislation on the taxation of individuals can lead to errors in the fulfillment of tax obligations. Moreover, the detection of risky transactions, the recent increased scrutiny, the obligation to declare are important issues. We are all with you at your side with our experienced team.


Services for Taxation of Foreign Personnel Working in Turkey and Social Security Applications

Our experts provide consultancy services especially for the foreign national personnel of global companies who are working in Turkey and natural people who are sent abroad from Turkey as well as giving full certification and financial advisory services to domestic and foreign institutions. In these countries, taxation and social security may continue because the personnel is usally appointed for a certain period of time. In this period, we provide services in the fields of taxation of foreign personnel working in Turkey or Turkish citizens or residents sent abroad with our expert staff.

Moreover, we carry out the financial side of the “expat relocation” services needed by the personnel acting as inbound/outbound with the international cooperations and networks of that we are members.


Public (Tax, SSI and Customs) Investigation Consultancy Services

Because of the recent developments in the audit system in our country and the increase in the number of employed public (tax / customs) auditors. The rising is observed in public examinations and audits (especially tax examinations and tax assessments). Our CPAs, who are former finance and tax inspectors, provide consultancy services on the analysis, preparation, making and presentation of the information requested by the tax inspector throughout the tax inspection process. The legal processes to be applied against the assessment to be made after the examination are also within the scope of our service.

Besides tax, we provide services in the light of professional relations and ethical rules in customs inspection, post control, analysis, SSI and other public authorities’ information request, response preparation, inspection processes.

Training Services

Employees of companies and institutions in the fields of budget, tax, accounting, reporting, control and auditing and finance; training and workshop services has been designed in order to meet the training needs, to create specializations and to inform them about the developing and changing legislation according to the sectoral areas. Our expert trainers provide interactive trainings in these areas.