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VAT Refund Services


VAT Refund Services

Indirect Taxes and VAT Refund Services

1/3 of tax revenues in Turkey consists of VAT and 1/5 of SCT. Our consultancy and reporting services regarding VAT refunds are provided by our expert and experienced refund staff, which was created independently of our audit department.

Our team provides the following services within the scope of VAT and indirect taxes;

  • Consultancy on Ratio, Tax Base and Document Layout in VAT
  • Consultancy on Establishment of VAT, Invoicing and Document Order
  • Consultancy on the Establishment of the VAT Refund System
  • Determination of the Transaction Entitled to Refund and the VAT Amount to Be Refunded
  • Providing Team Support for Preparation of All Lists and Documents Required for VAT Refund, and Entry to the Internet Tax Office System
  • Preparation and Follow-up of CPA Certification Reports Regarding VAT Refund Transactions
  • Preparation of CPA Certification Reports Regarding Postponement-Abandonment or Returns within the Scope of Inward Processing Permit Certificate (DIIB)
  • Preparation of “Special Purpose” Reports Requested by the Tax Offices
  • Providing Consultancy and Support Services for Concluding the VAT Refund Process in the Optimal Time
  • Providing Team Support for Correcting Deficiencies in VAT Refund Risk Analysis Reports
  • Analysis of Problems Encountered in VAT Refunds and Developing Alternative Solutions
  • Making and Follow-up of Counter-Investigations within the Scope of VAT Refund
  • Timely Information Sharing in the Field of Current Legislation and Practice
  • VAT Refund Training and Workshops