Tax Dispute Resolutions and Our Consultancy Services


Tax Dispute Resolutions and Our Consultancy Services

From time to time, conflicts may arise between various public institutions and especially the Tax Administration and taxpayers. Although it is not desirable to conflict with the administration, it is inevitable in the functioning of commercial life.

It is of great importance to get help from experts in this process, which requires both technical and legal knowledge, to avoid any loss of rights in disputed matters. Within our firm, we have experts who have gained many years of experience both in administrative staff and in judicial activities, and all kinds of technical and legal services are provided during the taxation period and/or the judicial activity period after the examination.

Our services in disputed works; It is presented under two main headings as the phase before the disputed issue is referred to the court and the phase of judicial activity.

In this context, the services provided by our experts at the stage before the disputed matter is referred to the court are as follows:

  • In case of hesitation about the tax consequences of a transaction, evaluate the possible results and help choose the most appropriate way by making use of the experience of our experts within the framework of law and legislation.
  • If necessary, to create and request a ruling on a subject to be hesitant about.
  • To make the necessary applications before the administration regarding the disputed issue and to follow up on them
  • To prevent possible surprises in the future by providing technical and legal support to the taxpayer during the Tax Review and providing consultancy services in correspondence and negotiations with the reviewers.
  • Participating in report evaluation and/or reconciliation negotiations with the administration and showing the most appropriate way in favor of the taxpayer
  • Making the necessary application and follow-up procedures for the resolution of possible disputes with the administration before the judicial activity
  • To ensure that the most effective result is achieved by making the necessary preparations in case the disputed matter is brought to the judiciary in the future.

We provide services with our expert and experienced experts who have worked in tax jurisdiction for years for the resolution of the disputed issue through judicial action. Our services provided during the judicial activity phase are briefly as follows:

  • Representation of taxpayers by expert lawyers before administrative and judicial authorities
  • Preparing lawsuit petitions, defense petitions, and all other necessary petitions regarding the disputed issues in the most ideal way and submitting them to the judicial authorities.
  • To ensure that the necessary lawsuits are filed and followed up to defend the rights of taxpayers and to prevent any loss of rights.
  • To apply to the legal remedies of Appeal and Appellate and to ensure their follow-up.
  • In case of violation of individual rights, to apply to the Constitutional Court and to follow up on the violation of individual rights.
  • By following the current case law and changes in the legislation, to prevent additional tax payments and to take necessary actions for the return of an extra payment if it has been made.
  • To follow up is necessary to ensure that court decisions are implemented by the decision.
  • Resolving the dispute through litigation by making the necessary applications in possible customs tax disputes with the customs administration.
  • To follow up the cases in the Criminal Courts of First Instance in judicial disputes arising from Tax and Customs Laws.