What do we do?

As a Company, our mission is a running financial consultancy in the framework of our general service principles and guidline as well as increasing the added value that we serve to company by presenting professional financial services that customers needed except for main business.

VAT Refund Services

1/3 of tax revenues in Turkey consists of VAT and 1/5 of SCT. Our consultancy and reporting services regarding VAT refunds are provided by our expert and experienced refund staff, which was created independently of our audit department.

Other Financial and Tax Consultancy

Our company also provides consultancy services to its foreign national personnel working in Turkey. Since this personnel is usually assigned for a certain period, their taxation and social security may continue in the countries they come from. With our expert staff and foreign collaborations in this field, we provide services in the following areas for the taxation of foreign personnel working in Turkey:

Full Certification and Tax Compliance Services

The main purpose of taxation certification services is to ensure companies’ compliance with taxation and to identify and report possible risks in the tax field.

Education Services

Training plans are developed to meet the training needs of employees in the fields of senior management, HR, reporting, cost, tax, accounting, audit and control, R&D and incentives, inspection and finance, to create expertise, and to inform them about the legislation and current developments developed and changed according to sectoral expertise.

R&D Design - Teknokent Incentive Services

In our country, there are 1700 R&D and design centers, 85 technology development centers, and nearly 320 organized industrial zones. Our financial legislation also includes many incentives and support elements for the activities of institutions.

Tax Dispute Resolutions and Our Consultancy Services

From time to time, conflicts may arise between various public institutions and especially the Tax Administration and taxpayers. Although it is not desirable to conflict with the administration, it is inevitable in the functioning of commercial life.

Advocacy Consulting

Whatever issue you want to resolve, simply turning it into a message and making it heard is often not enough. For your issue to be resolved, your message must be understood in all its dimensions by key people and decision-makers.

Our Consultancy and Audit Services in the Field of Customs and Foreign Trade

Numerous laws, regulations, regulations such as notifications have led to the emergence of different practices and procedures based on each imported or exported goods. Our company, which is aware of the difficulty of concluding by evaluating all these interrelated legislation provisions, provides consultancy services in the following areas with the experts it works with.

Transfer Pricing and International Taxation Consultancy Services

Our company provides services for the analysis of the transactions of institutions with related persons/institutions and the methods applied in these transactions, and the preparation of annual transfer pricing reports that must be submitted to the Financial Administration. The measures taken within the scope of BEPS were also accepted by Turkey and the triple reporting method was adopted.

Do You Want to Do Business in the USA?

In today’s global world, many people can continue to live and/or work in other countries. Whether it is a natural person or a legal person, it is of great importance that official documents made in one country are also valid in another country.