R&D Design - Teknokent Incentive Services


R&D Design - Teknokent Incentive Services


In our country, there are 1700 R&D and design centers, 85 technology development centers, and nearly 320 organized industrial zones and free zones. Our financial legislation also includes many incentives and support elements for the activities of institutions.

However, the application and application of these incentives cause additional difficulty in the daily workload of institutions. Our company provides consultancy and auditing services in these fields with its expert and talented staff :

Our R&D, Design and Innovation Consulting and Audit Services

  • Making applications before official institutions regarding R&D, design and innovation activities, obtaining approval certificates, auditing, and consultancy
  • Providing audit and consultancy services for R&D and design centers, and preparation of required Certified Public Accountant reports
  • Execution and reporting of Certified Public Accountant certification studies to receive cash project supports
  • R&D and Design Centers infrastructure analysis, installation and application processes consultancy
  • Evaluation of the project portfolio, project development studies, sustainability studies, preparation of annual activity reports,
  • Providing innovation-oriented training, managing university collaborations
  • Conducting studies provided by relevant public institutions in the field of R&D, innovation, and design, conducting joint studies with public and non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders, conducting feasibility studies, and reporting on support and tax incentives

Audit and Consultancy Services in Technopark Applications

  • Conducting and reporting feasibility studies on Technopark support and incentives
  • Determination and reporting of tax exemptions related to Teknokent activities
  • Preparation of the annual financial audit report for incentives
  • Selection, editing, and preparation of the projects to be followed in technoparks, creation of the application file, follow-up of the evaluation processes

Investment, Incentive Consultancy, and Audit Services

  • Conducting and reporting feasibility studies on financial support and incentives to be provided to investments
  • Informing about the incentives that can be used in this context, examining and reporting discounts, exceptions, and exemptions
  • Analysis of incentives provided by public institutions such as Ministry of Industry, Development Agencies, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, TUBITAK, making necessary applications, reporting and monitoring
  • Preparing the applications for the incentive certificate, obtaining the incentive certificate, and making the closing visa procedures of the certificate
  • Preliminary preparations for the R&D and Export Support Programs of TÜBİTAK, KOSGEB, Ministry of Commerce, preparation of application documents by the legislation
  • Follow-up of the progress of accepted projects
  • Preparing and presenting the reports of incentives containing periodic reports by the legislation in the relevant periods together with the company