Our Consultancy and Audit Services in the Field of Customs and Foreign Trade


Our Consultancy and Audit Services in the Field of Customs and Foreign Trade

First, we ask the following questions;

  • What are the legal instruments that can be used to pay low taxes at customs?
  • How to save time in import and export transactions?
  • Are you aware of all the incentives?
  • Do you know the advantages that YYS and OKSB documents will bring you?
  • Are there any final exits before the bridge in customs procedures, what are they?
  • What are your rights against the customs administration?
  • What kind of rights do you have against the sanctions applied by the customs administration?
  • What are the researches you need to do before you decide to buy an item from abroad?
  • What are the common mistakes in customs procedures? What could be the solutions?
  • What are risky points at customs and how are they detected? How are risks minimized?
  • Can you measure the potential dangers of business blindness?
  • Are you aware of your responsibilities?
  • What is the training that company personnel should receive on customs and foreign trade transactions
  • What is the general functioning of the taxes collected at customs?
  • Do you have information about customs workflow, accounting systems in foreign trade transactions? How does this process affect financial affairs and tax departments?


If you have YYS, in addition to the above questions;


  • Do you commit an activity report?
  • How is your work on the continuity of YYS?
  • Do you have an archive layout, how?
  • Are the procedures written during the YYS application followed?
  • Do accounting units know the expectations of YYS? Are appropriate records being made?
  • Are you aware of all payments made abroad as a foreign trade unit?
  • Are you getting the necessary training?
  • Since you will be audited every 3 years, are you aware of what is important in inspector audits?


We find the answers to these questions through the services we offer with the experts we work with. The main topics of these services are as follows.



Numerous laws, regulations, regulations such as notifications have led to the emergence of different practices and procedures based on each imported or exported goods. Our company, which is aware of the difficulty of concluding by evaluating all these interrelated legislation provisions, provides consultancy services in the following areas with the experts it works with.


YYS (Authorized Operator Certificate) acquisition

During the receipt of the document, we have consultancy services such as selecting the project leader, filling out the questionnaires, writing the procedures, application process to the Ministry, and accompanying the inspector’s examination.


Activity report preparation

We offer the service of writing an annual report, which will be prepared according to the findings obtained as a result of periodic inspections and the results of these inspections after the authorized operator certificate is obtained.


YYS applications (sustainability) audit

Within the scope of this service, audits are carried out on whether the procedures written when obtaining the authorized operator certificate are applied, whether the archive order is maintained, whether the necessary training is received, whether the necessary notifications are made about the changes that must be notified to the regional directorates, the physical conditions of the company and their notifications.


YYS questionnaire update

The service of re-filling the questionnaire, which must be updated every 3 years, and rewriting the procedures, prepared during the purchase of the Authorized Obligation Certificate, is provided.


Consultancy on customs and foreign trade legislation

Questions are answered within the framework of customs and foreign trade legislation, in which approximately 1000 changes are published annually, and by participating in critical meetings, it is ensured that the legislation is complied with. In this context, we provide consultancy services on important issues such as customs and foreign trade legislation, foreign trade accounting, tax legislation related to foreign trade transactions, VAT-SCT legislation, export transactions, inward processing regime, together with our partners.


Conciliation, appeal, and litigation process

Consultancy services are provided about the legal ways to be exhausted against the sanctions applied by the customs administration and the selection of these ways.


Investigation and examination consultancy

In the examination and investigation process carried out by the customs inspectors, services are provided such as forming the necessary correspondence for the favorable conclusion of the process, making a preliminary examination of the documents, and evaluating the possible results.

Taxes collected by the customs administration have 3 important features: value, tariff, and origin. Any erosion or diversion that occurs in these elements affects the revenues of the treasury by directly affecting the tax base and/or accrued tax. Based on the importance of this issue, it is investigated whether there is any factor affecting taxation in the inspections carried out by the customs administration.

Our experts, who are aware of the taxation elements that have been detected most frequently in recent years and that cause sanctions, provide audit (post-control) services to prevent these risks.