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Other Financial and Tax Consultancy


Other Financial and Tax Consultancy

Services for Taxation of Foreign Personnel Working in Turkey and Social Security Practices


Our company also provides consultancy services to its foreign national personnel working in Turkey. Since this personnel is usually assigned for a certain period, their taxation and social security may continue in the countries they come from. With our expert staff and foreign collaborations in this field, we provide services in the following areas for the taxation of foreign personnel working in Turkey:


  • Analyzing the tax and financial obligations of the employees
  • Consultancy services for the preparation of payrolls and annual income tax returns by analyzing their current income
  • Evaluations within the scope of signed international tax agreements and prevention of double taxation
  • Making suggestions in the field of social security by evaluating within the scope of the current International Social Security Agreements
  • In addition, we offer the “ex-pat relocation” services that the personnel who act as inbound/outbound need in the framework of “mobility” with the international cooperations and networks of which we are members.


Services for the Establishment and Operation of the Regional Management Center


Our country is located in a geopolitical location where 2 billion people can be reached within a 4-hour flight distance.

With the international networks we work with, our experts provide the following services for international investors to establish a Regional Management Center in Turkey for coordination and management of their organizations abroad:


  • Providing general consultancy services regarding the establishment of a regional administrative center under the Foreign Direct Investment Law, Implementation Regulation, Corporate Tax Law (during the transition period), and Income Tax Law
  • Conducting feasibility and analysis studies to determine the applicability of the Regional Management Center for the customer
  • Making applications for the establishment of the Regional Management Center and obtaining permissions
  • Supervision of the compliance of the offices operating in the status of Regional Management Center with the relevant legislation, preparation of annual reports, and submission to the relevant Ministry


Services for the Taxation of Real Persons

Frequent changes in taxation in our country can directly affect the investment decisions and wealth of individuals. Changes have been made in this area almost every year in the last 10 years. The complexity of the legislation on the taxation of individuals can lead to errors in the annual declaration and fulfillment of the tax obligation. Our company provides services with our expert team in the following areas for the taxation of domestic or foreign individuals;


  • Consultancy service for the preparation of Annual Income Tax Returns of individuals
  • Making suggestions in areas that can create tax advantages for individuals’ assets and income within the scope of tax legislation.
  • Providing information and consultancy about the tax consequences of investment decisions of individuals
  • Calculating possible risks and developing analyzes in the face of constantly changing legislation
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