Education Services


Education Services

Training and Workshops

Training plans are developed to meet the training needs of employees in the fields of senior management, HR, reporting, cost, tax, accounting, audit and control, R&D and incentives, inspection and finance, to create expertise, and to inform them about the legislation and current developments developed and changed according to sectoral expertise. Educational services were designed by using materials and education methods suitable for adult learning.

In this field, face-to-face or distance training is given by expert trainers under the umbrella of Taxademy, workshops are held and the financial training processes of the institutions can be given entirely by our company.

Interactive training is provided by our expert trainers on the following subjects.

  • Basic Level Tax Practices
  • Basic Accounting Techniques
  • Advanced Tax Practice and Implementation
  • Cost accounting
  • Period End Transactions
  • Payroll and Personnel Affairs Training
  • E-applications and Transformation
  • Corporate Tax Calculations and Sample Applications (Guide)
  • Special Training for Construction and Contracting Works (Domestic / Overseas)
  • Financial / Tax Advantages (Discounts, Exceptions, Exemptions, Conveniences)
  • Tax and Incentive Practices in the Field of R&D/Design, Technopolis, and Innovation
  • Indirect Taxes-VAT Applications and VAT Refund Training
  • Tax Applications for Senior Executives
  • Tax Practices for International Taxpayers in Turkey
  • International Tax Practices for Turkish Companies
  • Transfer Pricing Practices in the Light of BEPS
  • Full Certification Audit and Practice Training
  • Financial-Administrative Practices in Associations, Foundations and Economic Enterprises
  • Financial Conveniences in Real Estate (Sell Back, RE Certificate, Sukuk, etc.)
  • All Aspects of Crowdfunding (Financial, Legal, Tax, Administrative Dimensions)
  • Taxation of Services Received from Abroad with Payments Made Abroad
  • Electronic Applications and Current Developments (E-Invoice, E-Ledger, E-Archive, E-Notification)
  • Financial and Current Developments and Suggestions in the Scope of Covid-19
  • Tax Dispute Process Management (Invitation to Dispute-Examination-Reconciliation-Litigation-Overturning for the Benefit of the Law)